Wadsworth Turns 27, May be World’s Oldest Cat


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By Karen Harrison Binette

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Wadsworth was the sickly runt of his litter when Ann Munday adopted him from her vet in 1986. He went on to enjoy a  long and healthy life with her and turned 27 years old last week, on March 6.  Wadsworth is thought to be the world’s oldest cat.

Waddy, as he is fondly known, was thrown out by his owners as a kitten and was adopted at four weeks old by the Bedford, UK resident he still lives with today. Because Waddy has had one owner and has seen the same veterinary practice for his entire life, his records give proof to his remarkably advanced age.

Acorn House vets, which sees Wadsworth monthly, said that he is the oldest cat the practice has ever seen.

His main vet, Gill Monsell, said: “Waddy was a very healthy cat in the early years of his life but has suffered from hyperthyroidism in his old age.

“He does not appreciate being blood tested so we keep these to a minimum but Mrs Munday does a fantastic job of treating him and he is very stable on the medication. He is a great character and we all enjoy seeing him at the surgery.”

Wadsworth was named named after a beer, and lived at the Horse and Jockey public house before moving to The Blacksmith’s Arms, both in Ravensden, Bedfordshire. Ms. Munday was landlord at both pubs.

Ann said “I’ve always had cats, but he is an absolute dream and he has been a fantastic companion since my husband died 13 years ago. He was a tiny and very poorly little thing so it’s a miracle he has survived.”

“Now he is like a little old man and mainly sleeps and eats. He has some ailments but he still gets up on my bed and the table,” she continued. He “doesn’t really play anymore.”

Despite slowing down and living with a managed health condition, Waddy is still doing well and enjoying life.


Wadsworth. Photo, Geoff Robinson Photography

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  1. My brother had a cat who made it to 22. He also had this huge golden retriever, and the dog would let the cat have her bed.

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