Volunteers Make Life Better For the Whiskerville Cats

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While the Whiskerville cats remain in custody at GCAS, volunteers provide them with cheerful and loving care and attention.

The photos below are from the Whiskerville Animal Sanctuary Facebook page.  The page is NOT associated with the disgraced facility; it is a place for news and support dedicated to shedding light on what went on at Whiskerville, following the case, and providing help to the kitties and those charged with their care.

The Whiskerville cats ChipIn organized by Joan Addison is still open, with donations going to pay for medical services and items used in the cats’ care.

Volunteer Sandra has been wonderful to these babies!

Volunteer Rhonda Trujillo has worked countless hours to help the cats feel better.

Chris is giving some lovin’ to a sweet kitty.

Riley supervises as Emmie is groomed. Emmie loves having her head rubbed.

Volunteer Lynette Bodmer has spent several days & long hours giving love, combing, cleaning and caring for the Whiskerville kitties.

The photos above were taken at the Galveston County Animal Shelter, which is caring for most of the nearly 200 cats removed from WAS. The shelter is giving the best cf care and attention to the neglected and traumatized cats, while dealing with nearly 200 other cats at the shelter through normal circumstances.

The cats may still be in legal limbo, but their lives are immeasurably better than before, thanks to all involved with their seizure and care.

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