Viral Video: Rescue Kitten Won’t Leave Side of New Dad

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Libbie (Photo: Alex Roberson)

Alex Roberson admits to being a “dog person,” but after having roommates with cats, he realized how much he loved them. Then, on New Year’s Day, he found himself perusing  the cats available on the Henrico Humane Society website and there she was, “Rosie.”

It was love at first sight and in spite of the shelter sharing that she was a bit overweight, he found that made them an even more perfect match. “Shelter said she was overweight and had a bit of a belly for her age, I told them I did too,” Alex told NBC12.

The kitten, whom Alex renamed, “Libbie,” was so enamored of her new Dad, she couldn’t help but rub all over him any moment he was near.

“Her first night, she was cuddled up under my arm, purring all night. She is amazing, and I can’t wait to spend so many years together.”

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