Vincent Finds His Family Again After 4 Years

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Luckily, Vincent did not get adopted when a shelter featured him on their Facebook page. A series of events is bringing him back to his family, now 3,000 miles away, after 4 years.

Vincent was called Willy when he came into the care of the Camden Rockport Animal rescue League (aka P.A.W.S. animal adoption Center), in Rockport, in Mid-Coast Maine. The person who brought him to the shelter had seen him hanging around for several months before placing him in their care. He was in relatively good shape and seemed to be well fed.  After a stray hold period where the shelter waited for a family to claim him, he was put up for adoption. His photo was posted at the shelter’s Facebook page on May 31, along with an announcement about half price cat adoptions for the month of June.

The one eyed Siamese has an unmistakable look because of his missing eye, and that distinctive look helped identify him as the long missing Vincent.

Before he went missing, Vincent lived with Anne Leidinger on her 25 acre property in Appleton, Maine. Vincent, being a country cat on a large property, was allowed to come and go. He was particularly attached to Anne’s daughter Sarah, and came to her for food and attention. When he went  missing four years ago and did not return, his family feared that a coyote had gotten him.  The family moved to Eureka, California, thinking Vincent was gone for ever.

Sarah attends college in Vermont and visited her father and stepmother back in Maine recently. Sarah’s stepmother was the one to recognize the handsome one eyed Siamese cat at the shelter and to alert Sarah to his great resemblance to Vincent. Sure enough, Willy was indeed Vincent.

A family friend will transport Vincent to Boston later next week, and he will fly to California to return to his family. Vincent will also rejoin his littermate Tofutti, who moved to California with the family.

Anne told the Eureka paper, the  Times Standard, ”We’re just incredibly happy that somebody found him and were gracious enough to bring him to the shelter. We’re so happy the shelter people were nice enough to take the call from a crazy lady in California. We’re really happy that they were able to reunite us.”



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