Rescued Just in Time: Video Recording Leads to Conviction

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Rescued just in time. (Picture: Mirror/RSPCA)

Her victims could not speak, but a video camera helped convict her. A magistrates’ court found a 62-year-old woman guilty of zipping five kittens and three cats in a nylon laundry bag on a sweltering summer night last year and dumping them. They all survived, thanks to a timely rescue effort. Evidence against the woman, Susan Maude, included video footage from a CCTV camera, according to the Mirror article, published March 1.

All of the kittens and cats have since been adopted, according to the RSPCA, which acted on a tip from an elderly neighbor who noticed the incident, which took place around midnight in the suburb of Tranmere in the Borough of Birkenhead. The kittens and adult cats Polly, Dolly and Dylan, were found in the bag on August 6 last year, the Magistrates’ Court in Wirral was told.

(Picture: Mirror/RSPCA)

Maude was recorded on CCTV leaving her home just after midnight with the bag and a dog that was not on a lead, according to the news report, which first appeared in the Liverpool Echo. Thirty minutes later, she was caught on camera returning to her home, but without the dog or bag.

Chris Murphy, prosecuting for the RSPCA, said: “On August 6 a witness from a cat rescue center received a call from an elderly lady who said she believed a dead animal had been dumped in a bag at the side of her property.” The rescuer went to the scene and found a large woven nylon laundry bag. She unzipped it, expecting to find a dead animal, but instead discovered a live black adult cat who poked its head through. The dog was found unharmed. Maude did not attend court and was found guilty by magistrates in her absence.

(Picture: Daily Mirror/RSPCA)

She was found guilty of failing to ensure a suitable environment for the animals and failing to protect them from suffering and injury. The RSPCA said homes have been found for all the kittens and cats.


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