Video: Pwditat and Terfel, Best Friends

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A video visit with a cat and the blind dog she guides through the day shows the affection between the closely bonded pair.

Pwditat and Terfel have gotten a lot of attention in the past few days, as photos of the pair and their story went viral. Terfel the dog lived with Holyhead, North Wales, UK resident Judy Godfrey-Brown as he lost his sight because of cataracts, and pretty much retired to his basket. Pwditat the cat showed up as a stray and changed Terfel’s life when Judy adopted her.

Pwditat is a loving companion to the formerly isolated dog, and she’s become his guide, allowing him to get up and out and enjoy life again.

The pair are now living with Anne Cragg, who took them in when Judy Godfrey-Brown was no longer able to care for them.

This video with Ms. Cragg and the bonded pair shows their devotion to one another.

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