Vet Who Killed Cat With Bow And Arrow Says She’s Suffered Enough

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(Image: CBS News)

A Texas veterinarian who killed a pet cat named Tiger with a bow and arrow then  boasted about it on Facebook  now insists she is “essentially unemployable”  but still deserves to keep her license because she has “suffered enough,” according to CBS News. After the Facebook posting led to public outrage, Dr. Kristen Lindsey was fired from her job at the animal clinic where she worked. A hearing on the case was held recently in Austin, Texas to determine if Lindsey can keep her license. The Texas Board of Veterinary Medical Examiners filed a formal complaint to revoke her license in October, according to a report in

Lindsey posted photos on Facebook last April in which she was seen posing with a dead cat with an arrow through its head. “My first bow kill LOL,” she wrote. “The only good feral tomcat is one with an arrow through its head! Vet of the year award gladly accepted.” The cat she killed was not a feral cat, but belonged to a couple who were neighbors of Lindsey and who attended the hearing to identify the cat Lindsey killed as their pet cat Tiger.

(Image: Tiger’s Justice Team News Page/Facebook)

When questioned by her attorney, she told the hearing that using a bow and arrow was an “efficient” way to kill a cat, but admitted it was inappropriate. When asked if she would shoot another feral cat, she replied, “No, God no,” according to She said she received death threats after posting the photo.

(Image: Tiger’s Justice Team/Facebook)

A decision on her license will not be made until next month at the earliest. An attorney for Tiger’s Justice Team told KBTX that “many, many people” want to see her license revoked, which would be “appropriate justice.” An Austin County grand jury declined to charge Lindsey, who claimed she shot the cat because she thought it had rabies. A decision on her license will not be made until next month or later. Thousands of animal lovers have joined an effort to seek justice for Tiger. Regular reports on the case and detailed coverage of the hearing appears on the Tiger Justice Team News Page on Facebook.

“International public interest in this landmark case remains high,” according to a post on the Tiger Justice Team. “The Texas State Board of Veterinary Medical Examiners has received over 700 formal complaints against Lindsey, as well as written comments from all 50 states and 77 countries, and over 27,000 emails regarding Lindsey’s actions. Many citizens and several animal advocacy groups continue to call for the criminal investigation against Lindsey to be reopened.”


45 thoughts on “Vet Who Killed Cat With Bow And Arrow Says She’s Suffered Enough”

  1. Name calling is always the mark of intelligence and level-headedness. Sorry, but you will find very few that agree with you here and you’ve probably alienated them as well.

  2. Most farms have feral cats to keep mice and rats (and other animals) at bay. You have no idea what you’re talking about, troll.

  3. I have not seen one single word of remorse come from this vet, just me i’m a victim, i’m being targeted, me me me me, She is obviously not sorry for what she has done. she should never be allowed near any animal, in fact she should be put on an offenders list, not allowed to own an animal or attend to any needs of any animal . SHE IS NOT TO BE TRUSTED !!

  4. Thanks for deleting all those opposing viewpoints. By doing so you have perfectly shown and proved to the whole world why it’s just easier for everyone around you to destroy every last one of your free-roaming cats. You just won’t listen nor change anything. The rest of the world will have to change it for you — and is doing just that as you as you sit at your keyboards thinking you can just keep doing what you are doing. Enjoy your dead cats!! It was YOUR choice! LOL

  5. Really??? I’m sorry, but, wtf? Being vegan has NOTHING to do with what this horrible person did!!

  6. “So you are vegan?”

    What are you talking about? Did you not read the comment you’re replying to?

  7. dear god pls let dis evil woman go to jail to gv dear tiger a justice n i believe karma wil go to her

  8. This coming from a psychopath, she isn’t suffering, she is devoid of feelings so I guess she means by suffering she means losing her job and her licence. I don’t see anywhere that she is remorseful She’s so arrogant that she is defending her actions! hopefully its that very arrogance that will cause her to lose her licence, she so arrogant that she isn’t even trying to lie to keep her licence like any normal person might do. That’s how nuts she is.

  9. IMHO the “suffering” of this vet hasn’t even gotten started yet.
    Come visit me I’ll give you something to suffer.

  10. Deport her to a third-world country where this behavior is accepted. Maybe someone will shoot her with an arrow thru her narcissistic brain.

  11. I am not normally one to wish ill on anyone but part of me wishes someone will take a crossbow and put an arrow between her eyes! That is what that piece of garbage deserves and that would be justice for her poor innocent victim. She is scum!!!

  12. Not feral cats, BARN CATS. And weren’t you the one admonishing someone else that name calling was a sign of “intelligence and level headedness” (insert sarcasm)?
    You are a semi know-it-all who appears to know very little about a lot of things. Kudos, I’m sure your mama is SO proud!

  13. I agree. In her interview on Inside Edition, this horrible person is only concerned about herself and the effect that her horrendous crime had on her own life, with no regard for the effect she had on someone else’s life.. She showed no sympathy or remorse for having taken an innocent life for no possible reason and in a cruel and barbaric way. She still clearly doesn’t understand that what she did was wrong, feral cat or tame cat. I can’t believe this person is a veterinarian and she certainly should never be again.

  14. Yes, I am. However, that is a complete non sequitur. The cruel act of eating innocent animals does not justify justifies another cruel act of shooting an an innocent animal though the head with an arrow. How is it possible to be so impervious to logic as not to see that?

  15. What’s wrong with Paula Scott for saying Kristin Lindsey should never practice again? Frankly, I think the most just thing would be for her to die from an arrow through her head.

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