Vet and surgeon to humans team up to fix kitten’s cleft palate for free

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Maizey Mae
Maizey Mae

A veterinarian and a doctor to humans who is a Craniofacial Surgeon teamed up to help a little kitten with a cleft palate free of charge.

Maizey Mae is a fluffy 2 and a half month old black kitten with white paws who lives with Marquette, Michigan resident Lynn Swich, who is wintering in Florida at the moment.

“You’d have to meet her but everybody just falls in love with her,” said Lynn. “She is a very, very laid back, super, super sweet purr machine and she is every bit that, and I just fell in love with her.”

Lynn began fostering Maizey Mae when she learned the kitten had a soft cleft palate.

“I had a son that was born with a cleft palate and lip, so when they told me she had a cleft palate said well of course, I’ve got to have her,” said Lynn.

Maizey May had trouble eating, swallowing, and closing her airway, and she needed medical intervention.

“I examined the animal and confirmed the defect that was there,” said veterinarian Dr. Edward Brauer of the Marquette Veterinary Clinic. “I had repaired some palates before, but I decided to call my good friend Dr. Farbod.”

Dr. Brauer called Dr. Farbod, of the Facial Surgery Institute, also in Marquette, to consult on the surgery.

“I thought that it was, actually, neat cause … my passion is in cranial facial and cleft,” said Dr. Farbod. “Having a kitten that would have not the quality of life that it should, it was actually a great opportunity so I jumped at it.”

The surgery lasted an hour and the doctors volunteered both their time and services.

“Not only would it have the cosmetic benefit, but the cat would actually gain its function back such as swallowing, so it was a great success in my mind,” said Dr. Farbod.

“It was a great experience,” said Dr. Brauer. “To have both medical expertise from the veterinary and the human side in repairing this cat.”

Lynn told TV6 FOX UP news that Maizey Mae recovered within a week. The kitten is now eating and drinking much better, and is enjoying life with Lynn and her other pets in Florida.

Watch the TV6 & FOX UP video report on the story:

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