VA Sisters Efforts Save a Kitten’s Life Twice in One Week

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First Angela and Carrie Russell made a dramatic rescue when Jade was thrown from a moving car in heavy traffic, then they mounted a successful social media campaign to get her the medical care she needed to save her life and heal from her injuries.

We reluctantly passed on posting Jade’s story a few days ago due to a problem commenter who challenged the motives of a woman helping another cat in need.  We did not want  that person to jump over to do the same thing to Angel and Carrie, who rescued Jade when she was thrown into traffic and then made sure she would get the chance to live and recover.

Fortunately, as we learned tonight,  the monies raised in Jade’s ChipIn, with the help of the Help Save Jade Facebook page started by the sisters to help her, have covered her medical care and will benefit the organizations that stepped in to help. Help also came when vets and grant programs learned about Jade vie Twitter. Jade’s doctors say she can get along and heal without the expensive pelvic surgery it was originally thought she would need.

An updated news report on Jade and the Russell sisters’ efforts to help her.


Jade All Cuddled Up For a Nap, a sweet look at Jade uploaded last Friday.

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