Utah Family Resurrects Frozen Kitten Found in Snow

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There may be such thing as holiday miracles after all.

While on vacation at a rented cabin in Bear Lake, Utah, the Bingham family met a kitten in need of that miracle. Branden Bingham’s son discovered the kitten in a snowbank on Thanksgiving morning. At first glance, the kitten appeared to be frozen.

Kitten ii

The family brought the kitten inside to warm it by the fire. Branden’s brother performed CPR, but didn’t appear to be able to revive the kitten. Trying to avoid the sadness of the kitten’s loss, Branden took his kids outside to play.

When they came back into the house, they found the kitten alive and awake. They gradually fed it and the kitten regained its strength and was up and walking around. The family took the kitten to a vet for a checkup, and aptly named the miracle kitten Lazarus.

kitten iii

Today Lazarus is enjoying his new home with the Binghams. He may truly be a holiday miracle.

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