Utah Cats Win in Senate!

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HB210 is SHOT down!

The Utah senate voted 20-7 yesterday to approve Senate Bill 57 saving feral cats from the fate of House Bill 210 which would allow the shooting of feral cats to control population. Senator Dennis Stowell (R) and Representative Don L. Ipson (R) both sponsored the bill that created standards for feral cat colonies. People who wish to manage a feral colony may register with their particular city. These cats must be sterilized, vaccinated, and have the tip on one ear clipped off to identify them as part of a colony, thus avoiding euthanasia should they land in a shelter. The bill also allows shelters to release community cats to someone who runs a feral cat colony. It is a sharp contrast to shooting them. “The overall effect will be that, down the road, there will be fewer feral cats because they are spayed and neutered.” said Stowell.

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