URGENT PLEASE & PLEAS! Pepper Still Needs Your Help

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Pepper's Surgery (Pepper)

We first met Pepper, briefly, when learning about rescuer Denise Lauffer and all she does for the dogs and cats that are dumped in Highbridge Park in the NYC neighborhood of Washington Heights. Now, the timing for Pepper and her much-needed surgery is critical, and she needs help.


Here is Pepper’s story as appears on YouCaring:


Beautiful seven month-old Pepper was found on the street in Upper Manhattan.  With damage to her hind legs and abrasions to her body, it appears that Pepper had been hit by a vehicle. The person who found her immediately took Pepper to a veterinarian.  Pepper’s injuries were severe; in addition to multiple fractures, large abscesses had developed on her hind legs and infection had set in.  She was in pain and needed follow-up ASAP.  Pepper was brought to the Animal Medical Center in NYC and x-rays were taken and she was given pain meds and antibiotics.  Based on the x-rays, we knew that surgery was needed.


The next day, Pepper was transported to our veterinarian on Long Island.  The first step was to address Pepper’s fever and bring the infection under control.  In consultation with an orthopedic surgeon, the vets at Great Neck Animal Hospital determined that amputation of Pepper’s crushed right hind leg was the only option.  With the fever resolved, Pepper’s surgery was scheduled.  As she was being prepped, the vets discovered that Pepper’s hematocrit count was low and she required a blood transfusion.  They were able to go ahead with the surgery and Pepper is now recovering under the care of the talented team at Great Neck.  She will remain hospitalized for a couple of weeks and then to a foster.


Pepper’s surgery and hospital care will be very expensive.  We are grateful to everyone who is able to donate toward Pepper’s care through her fundraiser.  Donations can also be directly to Great Neck Animal Hospital at 516-482-0588.  Please indicate that your donation is for “Pepper” under Give Me Shelter Project, Inc.

You can also donate through Pepper’s YouCaring Face by clicking here.


Give Me Shelter Project, Inc. is a 501(c)(3) non-profit.  Our belief is that each animal counts. You can learn more about our organization on our website:  givemeshelterproject.org


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