*Update* Squeeze the Cat Has Been Adopted!

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Last Wednesday, Squeeze the Cat was found with his head stuck in a pipe. Yesterday, he got a new home.

Squeeze the cat was adopted Thursday by a man with a barn who lives in rural Boulder Valley. “He’s got other cats and he has a good set-up for a feral cat,” said Humane Society of Boulder Valley spokeswoman Kim Sporrer. Squeeze was neutered by the Humane Society so he will not be able to add to the feral population.  Last week’s video footage of the rescue didn’t include the actual moment of Squeeze being pulled from the pipe.  That footage is now available in addition to video of Squeeze’s new owner discussing his future.  What a happy ending!

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  1. I’ve done a lot of rescue and foster and that is not a barn cat. I’m happy he has a home and is out of the shelter, but he is a lover. I feel sad that he went to a barn because I think he could have been adopted into a home. I would not have let him go to a barn. Sorry, but it’s just my feelings.

  2. I didn’t get your PM. But several of my friends sent me the link to the shelter and I joined their FB page and asked my questions. Thank you for caring. I watched them put him into the crate without a problem and the staff and adopter were putting their hands in the crate to pet him. The only other explanation is that he was still somewhat sedated from anethesia or however you spell it. I will let you know what they tell me if they answer my questions.

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