Update: Over 100 Seized Cats Euthanized

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Over 100 of the cats that were seized from Sacred Vision Animal Sanctuary were euthanized earlier this week.

After an undercover PETA investigation, Elizabeth Owen, owner of Sacred Vision Animal Sanctuary, was forced to give up the 237  cats at the shelter. The footage PETA presented to the authorities resulted in Owen’s charge of ill treatment of animals.

After examinations, veterinarians determined 107 of the cats had to be euthanized because they suffered from such conditions as ringworm, herpes, tumors, and more. The county is treating 101 of the cats at an old EMS station because they do not want their illness to spread to others. Those cats are being treated for conditions such as infection, hair loss, and malnutrition.

The future of the cats is uncertain now as they can’t be returned to Owen or adopted until the jury trial is complete. As of today, no date has been set for the trial.

PETA Investigation Video

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  1. This is so sad, as a cat lover since I was a child, I don’t know how any one could be so cruel. I have two cats now (sisters) both almost 16 years old and I would never allow one of them to go hungry or suffer from any type of illness. That is so inhumane. Sometimes I feel punishment for these people is to put them in a cage, let them go hungry and not give them treatment when they are ill.

  2. Unvelievable! And all she was worried about was looking bad. I guess her concerns came home to her. Although I wonder if people like her ever really “get it”. I take care of a colony of feral cats that are so much better taken care of and in so much better health than these who were in a “sanctuary”. Words cannot express the depth of my pain and sorrow for those babies.

  3. I am thankful they are not suffering anymore, what a horrible person to only care about her reputation and not the animals. It is so horrible to see animals suffering like that.

    I am thankful the ones that were put to sleep can not feel anymore pain of being unloved and left to suffer.

    Let God and the people in heaven give them the love and care they deserve. Poor things.

  4. This makes me so sad. That woman is lucky I’m not living close to her, I would probably do something bad to her… Whitey and all the other kitties, I hope you are feeling better now..

  5. I agree Cathy, I would be arrested for people cruelty. I could hardly watch this, as I look around at my healthy happy 11 cats. Is it a sickness to “collect this many animals” only to horribly abuse them and admit it. Euthanize her. RIP little ones. God will take care of you.

  6. Sanctuary? She obiviously doesnt even like them. She needs a psychiatrist or to be in a home or even better yet one of her cages with a bad case of pneumonia and see how it feels… hope she rots in hell.

  7. watched it again. that poor baby with the seizures and those two with the upper respiratory tract illness. and that boy with the tounge hanging out; there ar at least 5 diseases that can make this happen. of course this nutter has something against doctors so of course nothing is done. and she doesnt wasnt to look bad because of gum disease? that should be the least of her worries. this film made me me cry the 2nd time I watched it. hello……what is her problem with vets? is it a religious thing? she should be in jail…….plus I cant believe they euthanized kitties for tape worm….

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