Update on Dexter Kitten

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Little Dexter, abused kitten, makes good, early progress.

PetLuv Clinic has given a couple of updates on the condition of little Dexter, the kitten who survived a brutal beating, allegedly by 24 year old pregnant woman Wilana Frasier and her two young sons, ages 5 and 8, who she egged on to join her in the act of brutality.

The clinic is providing Dexter with round the clock care and is watching him for possible complications from the blows he received to the head.

The dear little kitten has made  progress in stabilizing and making little efforts toward normal behavior. As of Thursday, the clinic reports that antibiotics Dexter has received had begun to kick in and his fever is gone. He has begun to eat on his own, after previously being force fed. He has also shown an ability to move, though unsteadily, but this was reported as progress from the day before.

As of this morning, the clinic says they will continue to provide updates, especially if there is a big change. Otherwise there will be further reports next week.

Little Dexter has many people praying for him and wishing him well as loving, caring hands attempt to bring him back to stability and normalcy.

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0 thoughts on “Update on Dexter Kitten”

  1. Spay and neuter the folks who did this, also, I would suggest! And lock them away! Really …

  2. Poor little Dexter… it’s really good that he’s eating on his own, hopefully that’ll be the first step in getting some strength back.

  3. thank you for the update!!! hope this godforsaken excuse for a human being goes to prison, her children taken away from her and put into loving homes!! ♥…lifting up big prayers and loving thoughts for dexter ♥

  4. This is disgusting. That woman should be charged. And spayed herself so she can’t reproduce any other children. At that age, they already have the idea that abusing animals is fun.

  5. God bless you all and God bless poor little Dexter. I hope he forgets what was done to him so he can love his new home without fear.

  6. The woman”s a monster and the children monsters-in-training. I hope the kids are taken away and raised in good, loving, non-violent homes. God bless Dexter the kitten! I signed the petition, too.

  7. What a sweet baby. So glas he is in a good place and getting love and the care he needs and deserves. 🙂 <3

  8. Bless his little heart. I hope he survives and lives a long, happy, healthy life with a loving family, as he deserves.

  9. This just makes me heart sick! A person (I use the term loosely) would have to be very evil to do something like that to such a sweet, innocent creature!!

  10. Poor Dexter =( I wish I could have been there to help him. I hope someone gives her a taste of her own medicine and see how she likes it!!!

  11. sniff, sniff, tears streaming down my face….. this one really tugs at my heart and breaks it in half~! Thanx for the update and the small encouraging signs, glad the fever is gone, that’s a big sign of healing and I’m so glad for your words because the picture says alot about the trauma he’s endured, you can see it in his eyes and that’s what broke me down to tears……. God bless you lil baby and I am saying prayers to the Divine Physician for you. Jesus created you and will be with you no matter what~! Praying for a FULL and COMPLETE healing~! Thank you isn’t near enough for the angels that have brought you this far……..

  12. So glad Dexter is being cared for. Probably a good idea to check in and see how mom is treating those kids.

  13. 🙂 I sure do feel the same way Dori K.. And little Dexter – may my healing thoughts & warm heart help carry you along your path to wholeness. Love you little guy. >^.,.^<

  14. Does anyone know if Dexter has a home waiting for him already? I thought I had read that one of the rescuets were going to adopt him… And also, not to make anyone upset here but we know that Dexter came from a litter of four kittens, one of them died due to that psycopath and her children, where are the other two?

  15. Most definately….She needs to be treated like the sociopath that she is and the children need to be put in loving homes…

  16. I agree!!! People like that should have been spayed years ago!!! She is a violent person and now, we as tax paying individuals, can look forward to supporting her violent children in prison!!! God, what a world we live in!!! Pray for this little kitten.

  17. all these so called people should be terminated the mother and the 2 roaches offspring,let them answer to the great one one day for this sick act to this little lion,we have one just like him but shes 10 and in a loving home.

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