Update: More on kitten rescued by police from busy road

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Police officers who rescued a kitten from a highway spoke to a news crew today. Plus, we’ve found raw footage from the scene.

More on a story we shared earlier today:

Columbus, Ohio police officers are getting thanks for their efforts rescuing a kitten stranded on the center median of a busy road.

The Columbus Division of Police told the story at Facebook Thursday night, writing:


“After receiving calls from passersby Tuesday night, Officers were dispatched to a cat stranded in the middle of 315 south of Henderson Rd. Officers were concerned the cat was going to jump off the median and run into traffic, possibly causing an accident.

“Officer Barrett was dispatched & assisted 4 Precinct officers in slowing the freeway traffic. The cat was retrieved by Officer Hauenstein. It was taken to the OSU Veterinary Hospital. The cat ended up being a 6 month old kitten wearing a lime green collar with a yellow circle. At last check, the owner was not able to be located.

“The delay to motorists was minor & the positive actions taken by the officers was applauded by motorists [and] onlookers. The rescue was captured on cruiser video. We hope to share that with you soon! Way to go Officer Barrett & Officer Hauenstein!!!’

WSYX Channel 6 reported on the story earlier, and has now updated the story after speaking with the officers.

Just by luck, we happened to have uncovered some raw video footage from the scene, shown below, following Channel 6’s report.


UPDATE: Officers Speak about Saving Kitten on 315:

WSYX Channel 6 writes: “A pair of Columbus Police officers spoke for the first time after they rescued a kitten from the middle of a busy freeway.

“Officers Mark Hauenstein and Robert Barrett were responsible for saving a kitten stuck in them middle of State Route 315 near Henderson Road on Thursday. Police sent officers to the location concerned it could cause an accident.

“The kitten remains at the Capital Area Humane Society tonight as the owner has yet to claim it.”

The kitten’s front legs are wrapped, indicating that he or she may have suffered some sort of injury. Officials have not commented on whether kitty is thought to have been thrown from a moving car.



A motorist captured the rescue in this raw video shot at the scene, writing in introduction:

“SR-315 in Columbus Ohio was closed in both directions but no one complained as police rescued a cat that had wandered on the roadway and became trapped on the median wall.”

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