Update: “Meth Cat” Getting Care at Vet Clinic

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The cat who tested positive for meth after being removed from a meth lab in a raid is receiving care at the clinic where he was brought for testing.

The tragedy of the toxic drug exposure the still unnamed feline, who is being called Meth Cat, suffered has touched hearts and resulted in many offers to adopt him. Kitty is receiving treatment at Catoosa Small Animal Clinic, on Catoosa, OK. Clinic vet Bob Shoup spoke to a news crew, giving an update on the cat’s condition and care for this report made today.

For our earlier story on this cat, see Cat Living in Drug House Tests Positive for Exposure to Meth.

2 thoughts on “Update: “Meth Cat” Getting Care at Vet Clinic”

  1. This is going to sound terribly harsh but those people who exposed the cat to meth should be taken out the back and shot. Don’t call the cat “Meth Cat”, that’s awful, call it a hopeful name to reflect the future not the past.

  2. Amy, I agree with you. Why would people making drugs even want to have cats around them?

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