Unweaned Kitten Trapped Under Floor is Rescued After 3 Days

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An unweaned kitten trapped and meowing from beneath the floor of Los Angeles apartment was saved by a rescue team and is being fostered as a bottle baby by the apartment’s resident.

SMART (Specialized Mobile Animal Rescue Team, a unique and highly trained rescue squad working through LA Animal Services in Los Angeles, California, rescued a tiny kitten last month whose survival was felt to be miraculous, both by its rescuers and the resident who sought their help. The very young kitten had been trapped beneath the floor of an apartment, meowing for at least three days before the rescue.

SMART filmed the rescue and wrote about it on June 13, saying:

“A kitten’s meows were heard from under an apartment unit in Los Angeles and the resident was desperate to have the little guy rescued. Nav and Mr. Fox began by getting permission to make an opening in the wall where the cries seemed to be coming from. No luck. Nav then crawled around under the very tight space under the building but new retro construction didn’t allow for access under the unit were the kittens cries were coming from.

“So now a hole had to be made in the floor. Once open, the space didn’t allow for a human to fit let alone someones arm or hand. SMART used micro cameras and began the search. After about an hour of searching, a fuzzy image appeared in the monitor… the little unweaned kitten! Nav maneuvered the camera and the teams Flex Mini Pole while Mr. Fox manned the cables. After some tough negotiating, the cable from the Flex Mini Pole was secured around the kitten and he was safely rescued!

“The resident, a trained “Bottle Baby” person, decided to foster the healthy kitten.”

Watch the SMART Solo kitten rescue:


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