Beloved Library Cat Is Missing and Sorely Missed

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By Samme

(Picture: Library Cat Facebook)

“Library Cat,  if you are reading this, come home soon,” wrote Jennifer Stevens, one of hundreds of college students who are hoping for the return of a cat named Jordan, but best known by his moniker, Library Cat. The beloved mascot whose exploits are followed by thousands of fans on Facebook has gone missing from his home, the University of Edinburgh’s Central Library in Edinburgh, Scotland.

(Picture: Library Cat Facebook)

The black-and-white male cat has not been seen since March 13, according to his Facebook page and a report in the BBC. His absence is keenly felt by the library staff and the students who find comfort in his presence, which has been variously described as Byronic and Shakespearean. “Come back library cat!” wrote Louis Kruger. “There’s no way I can get through these final essays without you and your sassy face.”

(Picture: Library Cat Facebook)

“I hope you’ve just found a girlfriend, Library Cat, or hanging out with your mates,” wrote Natalia Sokolova. “Do let us know you are OK, the last thing we need is to lose you.” And this from Julie Anne: “That cat was such a comfort. Early mornings there or late nights.”

(Library Cat Facebook)

Library cat is much photographed and “much loved,” according to the library staff. which issued a plea for anyone who has seen him to make a report on Jordan’s Facebook page. Library Cat is known to come and go as he pleases, napping in the library’s chairs, sitting on stone walls, drinking from puddles on cobblestone streets and eyeing crows on campus. He has a large online following and in 2014 was issued with his own matriculation card, according to the BBC.

(Picture: Library Cat Facebook)

Library Cat inspired students to write posts infused with humor and style, like this one: “It was a bright Sunday morning, and Library Cat was doing the Walk of Shame. I feel hollow inside…, thought Library Cat, his eyes fixed on the dank cobbles rinded with dirt and moss. Why did I do it?” And here’s another: “Library Cat eyed the crow with the insatiable rancour of a Shakespearean tyrant. So, crow, it must come to this! brooded Library Cat, his claws tensing into the mossy wall.”

(Picture: Library Cat Facebook)

The university press office used Twitter to ask people to keep an eye out for Jordan, who is known to frequent George Square. “Library Cat,  if you are reading this, come home soon,” wrote Jennifer Stevens.

(Picture: Library Cat Facebook)

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