Unapproved Longevity Supplement May be Tested in Cat and Dog Food

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We may see pet foods marketed in the near future as having a longer-life formula, and those cat and dog foods could be testing and profiting from a genetic engineering agent intended to extend cell life.

A drug intended to increase the life span of cells will not be approved for human use for some years to come but he company producing it contemplates getting it into pet foods in the near future; serving the dual purpose of testing the product and making money from it at the same time.

The company producing the substance, Sierra Sciences, acknowledges the enormous market for pet products and the lesser requirements for allowed ingredients.

Dr. Bill Andrews, of Sierra Sciences, says “Inducing cells to produce telomerase would be a great medical advance. The substances we have found can achieve this but we have to be cautious and there is no chance of getting medical approval for human use for some years. For pets, however, the rules are much less stringent – and the market is potentially huge.”

In short, telomeres are genetic sequences at the end of chromosomes which seal off the end of the chromosome, protecting it from deterioration. Cell division eventually wears them down and the cell ages and dies. Telomerase is the enzyme that enables the telomeres to work, and the supposition is that telomerase will prolong cell life by preventing deterioration.

The drug that is supposed to induce cells to produce telomerase may end up in some special formula pet foods, so check out the hype when you see a marketing campaign promising longer life for your pets so you can know what’s in the food and make an informed decision on whether to buy.

There are herbal substances currently available which claim to contain telomerase and which claim to prolong cell life, with the hint that overall life will be extended.

6 thoughts on “Unapproved Longevity Supplement May be Tested in Cat and Dog Food”

  1. NO! nothing genetically modified for my kitties! besides, i’d rather have them go when is their time instead of extending their lives beyond what is natural for them. I love them with all my being but when their time comes i’ll be adopting another one, not to replace them but to provide a good home for a critter in need.

  2. I am not planing on buying anything that has substances in it that are not fully understood, and I will not be using my kitty as a test animal for a greedy corporation.

  3. Ok, I agree with you gals so WHAT is the best food we can feed out cats? I am storing emergency food for him also and want the best. I’d really love to hear what you all like. Thanks!

  4. I use Iams dry. Keep in mind that dry has a limited shelf life. Canned last longer, but not forever.

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