Two Inseparable Kitties Search for Home after 28 Cat Rescue Mission

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mason_&_eric[1]Mason and Eric are two cats that were part of a cohort of twenty eight rescued after their owner, a vet with an avid love for felines, passed away. Dr. Sak had been part of a TNR program to trap feral cats, sterilize them and then return them to their original habitat. However, he fell in love with some of the less shy feral cats and decided to keep them rather than send them back to their original colony. However controversial his decision may be, his passing was tragic and left a huge number of now domesticated kitties to fend for themselves.

Thanks to the Mayor’s Alliance for New York City’s Animals, a dedicated network of rescue organizations in New York that have a history of collaborating, all 28 cats were able to be tested for diseases and to be distributed to a few of the shelters and rescue programs in the area.

Susan Whittred, DVM, of the Patricia H. Ladew Foundation, and her veterinary assistant, Andrea Castro, took on the task of testing all of the kitties for FIV/FeLV and vaccinating them against rabies and FVRCP before they were sent out to the various rescue groups taking them in.

Dr. Whittred ended up taking in four of these kitties, including Mason and Eric, and brought them to the Patricia H. Ladew Cat Sanctuary.

Immediately, everyone was impressed with how Mason and Eric looked out for each other. If anyone would pick on Mason, Eric would run to his defense and protect him. It was one of the sweetest kitty relationships that volunteers had seen!

Because of their inseparability, though, everyone knew from the start that Mason and Eric needed to find a home together. As a result, they continue to look for a forever home together, so that their deep bond will not be broken.

These sweet boys are well loved and will make a dynamic duo for whoever chooses to bring them into their home. They look forward to regaining a sense of stability after their loss and all of the changes that they have been through!


The Patricia H. Ladew Foundation is a no-kill sanctuary for homeless cats rescued from other shelters. The cats receive medical care from an on-site veterinarian and live cage-free until they find their own home. Those that don’t find homes live their lives at the sanctuary. The Foundation also offers sanctuary for cats whose owners provide for them under Planned Giving in the event that the owners can no longer care for them.

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