Two Day Rescue Effort Saves Trapped Swedish Kitten

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Now that’s dedication!

A five member emergency rescue team made up of technicians and animal workers in Gothenburg, Sweden used both high tech and hands on techniques as they worked for two days to free a wet and hungry kitten trapped in a narrow concrete pipe below a grocery store recently. They used advanced camera equipment as a rescue aid, then spent many long hours attempting to lure the kitten out of its hiding place. The tiny kitten was discovered to be trapped below the store on Sunday, and though employees tried to help as they heard the frightened animal’s cries, they were unable to pinpoint or reach it.

Poor kitty looks pretty frightened at the moment of rescue. Hopefully, kitty calmed down after the excitement abated, and he or she remains in the care of the rescuers until a home is found.

Here’s video from the operation.


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