Two Boys Rescue Kitten Floating Down Leeds/Liverpool Canal In Basket

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This 9 week old kitten now called Mo (short for Moses, of course) was spotted by two 11 year old boys, earlier this month, as she floated down the Leeds/Liverpool canal at Bramley, Leeds UK. Mo was tied into this pink plastic basket, which was taking on water fast when the boys rescued her and saved her from drowning.

The boys took Mo home before calling the RSPCA. Due to crowded conditions in Leeds, the kitten is now in the care of the RSPCA Craven and Upper Wharfedale branch.

While we may reflexively assume that this was done out of cruelty, there is the possibility that some child may have tied their kitty to the basket without thinking of the consequences, and may or may not have sent her for a ride.  However she ended up in the circumstances, the young boys deserve a “well done”.

Anyone with credible information about MO and how she came to be in danger is asked to contact the RSPCA.

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