“Twisty” Cat Survives Against All Odds and Now Awaits His Forever Home

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Dunc1 (2)Duncan is a cat who has an incredible knack at surviving even with all the odds being against him. Like many strays, Duncan was found on the mean city streets of Phoenix, Arizona. What is unique about Duncan, though, is that he has several genetic abnormalities affecting his back legs and causing them to be twisted. One leg is completely nonfunctional.

So, Duncan spent his time on the streets basically walking on his front legs and holding his back end up, as he continues to walk today. It is shocking that he survived the streets in such condition!

Duncan was first picked up and brought to the Humane Society who then called All About Animals Rescue, a no-kill rescue in Maricopa County, Arizona, as they specialize in “twisty” cats. Duncan was now safely off the streets but, unfortunately, more challenges lay ahead for him!

When Duncan was being neutered, he was discovered to have crypt orchid and had to receive open abdominal surgery to find his testicle. He was placed in a foster home the day after the operation and was also checked for various diseases, received his vaccinations and was dewormed and microchipped.

However, on the last check of the cats for the night, Duncan’s foster parent found him with his abdomen completely open and exposed. The incision did not hold and his intestines were even coming through! Obviously, this could have been the end of Duncan’s life.

They urgently called the vet at her home and explained the emergency. The amazing vet, Dr. Higgins from Deer Creek Animal Hospital, agreed to meet them at the hospital and work to save Duncan’s life. In the end, she did not even charge any extra for the time of day or the complications!

Duncan recovered and is now remarkably healthy, despite all of his physical challenges. He has no special needs and is basically a normal cat, albeit with a funny walk! He loves to climb up cat condos and is a very dominant cat, obviously unaware that he was ever disabled in any sort of way.

Because of his dominance and strong personality, Duncan would likely do best in a family without other cats or with submissive cats. However, he is great with dogs and with children and his adoption fee is only $30. He would make a great addition to the right family and after his time surviving many challenges, he is looking forward to a life of love and comfort in a forever home!dunc2 (2)

***You can download the adoption application and view additional info here: http://www.allaboutanimalsaz.com/adopt/adoptable-cats/


All About Animals Rescue is a no-kill rescue located in Maricopa County, Arizona, dedicated to saving companion animals whose lives are in jeopardy by providing rescue, foster and adoption services. The majority of their animals are from the local euthanasia lists, as these are the animals in the direst condition.

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