Twelve Years Later, The Cat Came Back

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12 Years Later the Cat Came Back to Edmonton
Morinville Veterinary Clinic member holds Oscar. Oscar was lost for 12 years and reunited with his owners after he went missing 12 years ago (Photo: Edmonton Sun)

There is definitely something to be said for tattoos and microchips.  The cat that had been brought into the Morinville Veterinary Clinic was already 15 years old and the staff wasn’t sure that at his age anyone would claim him.  Still, he had a tattoo.  They called.The man who came to pick up Oscar had been a little boy when the cat went missing twelve years earlier.  Now he is married with a family of his own.

The folks at the clinic suspect that someone had been taking care of him for all those years, but, still, he was brought to them, whatever the case.

Elyse Prince, manager of the clinic into which Oscar had been brought, says the tattoo on Oscar, and indeed microchips, works.  What happened to Oscar between the time of his disappearance so many years ago and his arrival at the clinic will most likely remain a mystery, but the fact that the family took the time and the care to have Oscar tattooed is a testament to the value of that process for those who love their animals.

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