Tuxedo Stan Runs for Mayor of Halifax to Raise Awareness on Cat Issues

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By Karen Harrison Binette

Tuxedo Stan’s run for mayor of Halifax, NS has made the 3 year old cat and his issue front page news. Stan was born to a feral mother and lacks a birth certificate, so cannot have his name printed on the ballot as an official candidate. His campaign manager says there’s nothing to prevent supporters from writing his name in, however.

While the cat’s run for office has engaged the community as an amusing novelty with cute tees and lawn signs, the Tuxedo Party platform is a serious one that the campaign has helped bring to the public’s attention.

A statement from the candidate:

“The reason I got into politics was to convince Halifax Council that we need a program to deal with the cat problem in our municipality. My brothers and sisters are starving, freezing to death in winter and reproducing at an alarming rate. We need a program to address these problems. We need a low cost spay and neuter clinic. We need a comprehensive Trap-Neuter-Return and Care program. We need a sanctuary for homeless strays to live out their in comfort. WE NEED A MAYOR WHO CARES…BECAUSE NEGLECT ISN’T WORKING!!! Vote Tuxedo Stan.”

For more on Tuxedo Stan’s campaign, visit the Tuxedo Party Facebook page. The page has worked actively for the campaign’s cause since early June of this year. The campaign is, of course, also active on twitter.

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  1. i don’t live in canada but it’s a problem in the u.s, also. i hope this does make your elected officials and the community more aware, programs for cats are essential. i spoke to animal control officer in my town recently and 5 yrs ago she was taking in more than 200 kittens a yr and because of the spay/neuter program she has the numbers down below 50. i recently took in a pregnant stray cat from my neighborhood, the kittens are 8 weeks old and mama and kittens will all be spayed/neutered next week and adopted out

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