Tundra: Cat Found Frozen Gets Help

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By Karen Harrison Binette

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Tundra wasn’t frozen to the ground, but he was frostbitten and freezing cold when he was found on a below-zero day in Green Bay, WI last month. Thanks to his rescuer, his foster mom and vet staff, he is safe and is recovering from the effects of his ordeal.

Tundra was near death from the cold when he was found on a porch in the Luxemburg section of Greater Green Bay, Wisconsin on January 27,  a day when temps ranged from -12 to 4 degrees.

Tundra’s ears and paws were frostbitten and an infection raised his temperature to 104 degrees.

“He was the worst case of frostbite I’ve ever seen,” said Dr. Cheryl Skaletski, a veterinarian at Bay East Animal Hospital, where Tundra is receiving medical care and will complete his recovery.

The rescued cat has gained a pound since being found, is getting pain meds to help with the pain in his front paws, and receives laser treatments three times a week for frostbite damage to his legs.

He is expected to receive treatment for several more weeks.

Tundra spends weekdays in the recovery area of the hospital but on weekends he goes into foster care with local animal rescue volunteer Carol Longton, who said: “All his pads are damaged but he’s not going to lose his feet, and that’s the blessing here.”

Tundra once had a home; he is neutered and is front declawed. He is thought to be between four and six years old. Other than that, his caregivers don’t know anything about his past or how he came to be on his own during a bitterly cold winter.

Ms. Longton has posted online in case someone is missing Tundra or knows something about him. A few people responded, looking for their missing cats, but no match was made.

After he is healed and strong, Tundra will be put up for adoption.


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