Tulip Crippled Kitten Gets Help and Heals

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Tulip was found wandering in a Brighton, Ontario Canada park in September, dragging one of  her little hind legs behind her. The Good Samaritans who found her took her to the Northumberland Humane Society, in Port Hope.  NHS committed to caring for the little cat and had her examined by a vet. The kitten was found to have a broken pelvis and nerve damage. NHS figured Tulip would have her leg amputated, and they sent her for foster care with a staff member while she waited for her operation.

A conversation about the possible benefits of  physical therapy for Tulip, held between shelter manager Lynne Brightman and animal physical therapist Shari Seymour, resulted in Tulip going to stay with Shari and having hydrotherapy sessions in Shari’s pool. The sessions went, shall we say, swimmingly, the amputation surgery was  cancelled, and Tulip regained the use of her leg.

Now, two months after being found alone and injured in a park, Tulip is running and jumping, has had her spay surgery, has returned to NHS, and is ready to go to her forever home. An adopter is believed to be ready to take her soon. Tulip is ready for a good life from now on.

You can see from the photos here that Tulip is a sweet and cooperative girl, and Shari a wonderful therapist. Shari operates Shari’s Quest canine therapy pool, and has founded a nonprofit organization, Guardian’s P.A.W.s (Promoting Animal Wellness).

2 thoughts on “Tulip Crippled Kitten Gets Help and Heals”

  1. How GREAT! I hope that more animals will be helped by therapy. I think it is such a shame when they loose limbs. Maybe if more of them would have therapy more would of them would not loose their legs. I am glad that she has a home waiting for her. She is sure cute.

  2. That is so great that she was able to recover so she can get a chance at better life and a furrrever home also. Thank you for helping her do that.

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