Tuffy Bounces Back

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Good news. True to his name, Tuffy, the kitten found a week ago in a dumpster with paint poured in his eyes, is doing well and is up for adoption.

Tuffy was found in an Albuquerque dumpster, covered in paint, with his dead sibling clinging to him.  The tiny grey kitten’s eyes were irritated from having paint in them, and it was not initially known how much damage had been done.

Tuffy is seen here romping like any kitten, with his foster caregiver Donna Smith. Donna said of Tuffy,  “He looked so pathetic; he couldn’t open his eye, he couldn’t move,” then told of his transformation just days later,  “He’s a miracle kitty. He’s active. He has a voracious appetite. He gets along great with my dog.”

Tuffy is available for adoption through Westside Animal Shelter, which can be reached at (505) 768-1975. The shelter is operated by the Albuquerque animal Welfare Department.

.For our earlier story on Tuffy, see Tuffy the Tiny Kitten Is Rescued After Abuse and Dumping.


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