Trooper Update: Injured Cat Receives Worldwide Support As He Awaits Surgery

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Trooper, the injured cat left to freeze on the ground, has friends worldwide now. He has been examined by his new doctors and will have surgery later this week.

A week and a half after Trooper sat injured and stuck frozen to the ground in Stephenville Crossing, Newfoundland Canada, he is safe and well cared for and waiting for surgery to help with his injuries.  Trooper had no measurable temperature when first examined, and suffered from three pelvic fractures, with nerve damage affecting his ability to urinate normally. It is thought that Trooper was either hit by a car or had climbed up into the engine or undercarriage of a vehicle.

Trooper and Gwen Samms flew to PEI on Sunday so he could see his doctors at Atlantic Veterinary College in Charlottetown. We were told by SCAPA staff this afternoon that trooper was examined today and is expected to have surgery by Friday. CBC news reported this evening that Trooper’s doctors say Trooper will likely have his left hind leg amputated. Gwen Samms confirmed that report and further explained that Trooper’s lower left leg was damaged from frostbite, and it is being amputated for that reason, and not due to a fracture. They are considering a prosthetic limb for him.

Trooper is staying in intensive care and is on pain meds, antibiotics and a drug meant to stimulate bladder function. Trooper’s biggest issue beyond the frostbite and serious pelvic fractures, is his inability to urinate on his own because of his neurological issues.. staff and students check on him every two hours, and help him empty his bladder.

Trooper’s rescuer Gwen, who is the SCAPA Director, was quoted saying,  “He fought this hard to stay alive all those hours so we’re going to fight to keep him going.” SCAPA and Trooper’s supporters will go full out to give him the support and care that he needs. Close to two thousand of people have reportedly offered to adopt Trooper and, even after uncommitted or unsuitable adopters are weeded out, he is guaranteed a forever home when he is ready.

Those who have offered to adopt Trooper come from those who have seen news reports, or have gathered through social networking to band together to show their support and help raise funds for his care. The primary gathering place online is at Troopers for “TROOPER” at facebook. A quick look at their group wall showed several names I recognized from other causes, from Life With Cats and from my own Facebook friends list.

The outpouring of support is focused on Trooper and his well being.  There is a secondary issue at hand, though, which further compels his supporters. That issue is neglect. Trooper was left to suffer for many long, cold hours while the people whose yard he sat on knew he was there. We were told that another family member arranged for SCAPA to come and rescue Trooper when they learned of the situation.

SCAPA volunteer Jaime Bourgeois said today, “Not only do we hope to help Trooper, but hope that his situation shines a light on the issues of neglect. If one person helps an abandoned animal after hearing of Trooper’s plight then humanity is heading in the right direction.”

Trooper and Gwen Samms on Saturday

The original ChipIn for Trooper’s medical care has been extended to a new goal of $9,000. Trooper was examined today and his doctors have an idea of what his surgery will entail. Trooper’s medical needs will likely not end with this week’s surgery, so funds will be needed for his further care.

The ChipIn link has become problematic so, until it is fixed, those interested in donation toward Trooper’s care can send funds directly through PayPal, or by mailing a money order.

PayPal donations can be made by clicking on Send Money at the site and sending to the email address [email protected] .

Money orders should be sent to SCAPA, 15 Utah Dr. Stephenville, NLA2N 2Z4 Canada. If you live outside of Canada, please remember to purchase an international MO.  Please make a note that your donation is for “Trooper’s vet treatment”.


Video from a few days ago, after Trooper’s initial examination and recovery from being left out in the cold. This report was made before trooper traveled to PEI and saw the doctor’s who will be doing his surgery.



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  1. Trooper I am sending all my love to you , you deserve to live and be love you have a message to the world , STOP THE ABUSE FOR CATS AROUND THE WORLD ,and bless the people how are helping you , we have to pray for you baby .

  2. Hope he gets better and finds a home, where he never has to be cold again. He wouldn’t have been in my driveway, because as soon as I saw him I would have went out, and he would have been in my house nice and warm, then Nobody would get him. I have 2 feral cats, well they were kittens when I got them, nicest pets. yea that’s right what goes around comes around.

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