Trooper Continues His Healing Journey

Trooper, the cat found injured and frozen to the ground, has been recuperating from surgeries in foster care since he was released from the hospital on March 4. He’s walking a bit and sporting a snazzy band tee from Canadian band Trooper.

Gwen Samms, from Newfoundland rescue group SCAPA, used pots of warm water to thaw poor Trooper from the ground on a February day. Trooper had sat with serious and painful pelvic injuries, frozen for over 24 hours to a family’s driveway before someone arranged for help to come. Gwen, her sister Dolores, and SCAPA have cared for Trooper ever since, and will continue to do so until he is healed. Trooper’s story made international headlines and brought him many friends and supporters. Those supporters maintain the Troopers for “TROOPER” group at Facebook.

Trooper flew with Gwen to PEI for surgery at Atlantic veterinary College, where his broken pelvis was set with pins, and a hind leg was amputated. Trooper lost the leg, not from the presumed car injury that broke his pelvis, but from the extreme frostbite he suffered as a result of being stuck frozen to the ground.  He was also neutered while in surgery, then released on March 4 to go back to Newfoundland, where he is in foster care with Dolores Samms.

Jaime bourgeois wrote on the SCAPA blog on March 15:

‘Trooper is back home in Newfoundland and recovering while he stays with his foster mom, Dolores Samms. While he will still need plenty of time and care on his road to a recovery he is improving each day. Every day Trooper does physiotherapy to build back up the muscle in his back leg by walking for short spurts, increasing a bit each day. He is enjoying lounging, playing with his new family (made up of both the human and feline variety), and getting love from his daily visitors. He is basking in the attention, following visitors with his eyes as they enter and not looking away for a moment until they’ve come over and gave him a proper hello! Trooper really is living up to his name!”


Trooper in his little band tee


Trooper received gifts this week from one of Canada’s most loved rock bands , “Trooper“, along with a letter from the band which stated that in their 37 years as a rock band there has never, ever been a “Trooper” T shirt for a cat and now SCAPA’s special kitty is the owner of the very first, and probably last of them. You can see trooper wearing his very cool custom band tee here. The band also enclosed a few other gifts for SCAPA to use to raise support and funds for animals in need.


Trooper with his gifts from Trooper


The widely beloved cat has received gifts from his other friends, too. In addition to toys and treats, he had gotten little jackets and potty pads.

Trooper is much improved thanks to his overall medical care, and his surgeries, but his healing journey continues. To that end, and to pay for his needs so far, the ChipIn for Trooper’s medical care is still open.

For more on Trooper, from the time he was removed from being frozen to the driveway, through his return to Newfoundland from his surgery in PEI, see our index of Trooper stories.


Trooper taking a little walk, March 19. Uploaded by Gwen Samms, who says, “Trooper tries to climb up on things but he isn’t strong enough for that yet while un-attended..We don’t want him to fall and hurt the leg with the screw in it SO if he has to be home alone for a little while we have to keep him in his cage..As much as we hate cages we know it the safest place for him to be if he has to be alone for a bit….But look at him go when he is let out,lol…And watch him go straight out to his new friend Buddy who is trying to get up a furball..Trooper seems so concerned about Buddy.”


Trooper at play with his new toys, posted yesterday.

5 thoughts on “Trooper Continues His Healing Journey”

  1. What were they supposed to do with an injured stray they didn’t know? THe animal could have been diseased, and it was injured so most likely not friendly, and probably agressive. THEY CALLED PEOPLE FOR HELP. No one responded to the calls. What happened to this animal is NOT on them, and I’m really sick of people pointing fingers at the homeowners who DID call for help. What happened to this cat is on Animal control and the town where they lived. Those are the people who were supposed to be responsible and who did not respond to calls by the homeowners. I’m not overly impressed with SCAPA for pointing fingers at the homeowners either. It Left a bad taste in my mouth about them. It isn’t an uncommon occurence to see strays outdoors in the winter in Newfoundland.

    I’m happy to see the cat doing better. He’ll live a much happier life now than the life as a stray that he was living beforehand. Hopefully his plight will draw more people’s attention to the problem of stray animals and get them donating money and time to shelters to help provide these sweet creatures with homes and love.

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