Trash Men Save Boxed Kittens Just in The Nick of Time

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Holly Hedge Animal Shelter is caring for two young cats whose lives were saved when two bin men heard meowing from a taped up box about to be crushed in their trash truck. The beautiful kittens, thankfully, appear to be fine.

Biffa and Oscar are safe and happy now, in the care of Holly Hedge Animal Sanctuary in Bristol, UK.

The two were left in the unventilated, taped up box shown below at a trash collection point in Shirehampton Road, Stoke Bishop. Phil Mealing and Jason Bembridge of  May Gurney Recycling heard meowing and investigated. They located the box, got it open well enough to clearly see one of the kittens and dimly see the other. They stopped opening the box  there, to insure the little animals didn’t escape and come to harm. The men are being hailed for the rescue but say they would not have thought of doing otherwise.

The rescuers were quoted in The Sun,  with Phil saying ”I’m glad we spotted them, if they had gone in the compactor it doesn’t bear thinking about.” Jason added, “We got the shock of our lives when we found there were kittens in the box. They were really cute and we were just really relieved to have found them before it was too late.”

Holly Hedge says at their Facebook page that they hope this incident encourages people to be aware and on the lookout for abandoned animals, so that others can be saved.

Holly Hedge founder Pauline Leeson discusses the incident in a video HERE.


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  1. Bless the 2 men who saved these 2 beautiful babies. the person or persons who did this will get their due revenge from God. So very thankful for all the angles in the world who take care of the fur babies.

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