Trash Bag Kittens: Happily Ever After

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The five “Trash Bag Kittens” rescued from a dumpster in March have grown into happy healthy kittens. They have all been adopted, two into one home and three into another.

Here are the kittens shortly after their rescue:

Tenth Life Cat Rescueis a highly regarded rescue organization located in St. Louis, MO. Executive Director Elizabeth Frick  contacted us today with the wonderful news that all five of the Trash Bag Kittens are doing beautifully and have found their loving forever homes. Better still, they remain with siblings.

We told their story on March 20, in Tenth Life Rescues “Garbage Bag Kittens” saved by Good Samaritan. St. Louis MO resident Willy Jones saw the contents of a plastic bag moving around when he was taking his own trash out to the dumpster one day in March.  Inside was a litter of 5 beautiful, fuzzy 4 week old kittens, tied into the bag and left to die.

Fortunately, Willy came along in time to save them. The animal lover fed them, then called rescuers until he found someone who could help.  A group called SNUGGLE referred him to Tenth Life Cat Rescue, which gladly took the kittens. Tenth Life placed the kittens in foster care and monitored their health and development.

The kittens’ rescuer had long been ridiculed for his good heartedness to animals, but was celebrated after his newsworthy rescue.  Willy was not comfortable with medai attention directed toward him, and was humbly satisfied to have been able to help save five little lives.

This is one rescue story with a perfect happy ending.


Here are the kittens  now:

Patsy, Hank, and Waylon share a home.


Willie and Winona are healthy, thriving, and sharing a loving adoptive home.

 Tenth Life Cat Rescue saves stray cats & kittens in the St. Louis area, giving priority to those with special needs or medical conditions. They save cats from the dangers of street life and place them in foster homes until they are adopted, while networking with other local rescues and veterinarians to locate and treat special needs and other stray cats who would otherwise be euthanized. Tenth Life also takes kittens from other areas, under special conditions.


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  1. Willy you are a HERO in every sense of the word. Those kittens were so lucky to have you. I am so happy for them in their new homes. I love that they got to stay together. This story just makes me so happy. From something bad something even more than wonderful happened. God bless all of you (kitties and people).

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