Transfer station operators rescue kitten in danger of being crushed

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A little kitten named Lucky Luna was saved from being crushed at the dump by staffers who spotted her and rescued her in time.

Workers at a rubbish pit in New Plymouth, New Zealand, rescued Luna last Thursday when they found her huddled in a pile of trash.  The pit is an area at the Transfer Station where heavy machinery is used.

Station manager Ian Coombe said the kitten wold have been crushed by 18 tons of weight had she not been rescued in time.

Coombe says machinery operator Carl Frost found Luna.

“He brought it to the office and we took it to the SPCA.”

Coombe said workers find adult cats several times a year but it is unusual for them to find kittens. The adult cats usually stick around and become community cats, who are fed and cared for by staff.

“We had four at one stage and we’re back down to one.”

Luna is thought to have been dumped, which Coombe calls cruel.

“There are homes for them. It doesn’t need to be done like that,” he said.

SPCA spokeswoman Jackie Poles Smith said the kitten was in shock when she arrived at the shelter, but she soon came ot of her shell after getting a check-up and some treatment.

“She’s got sore eyes so we’ve cleaned it up and put her on antibiotics,” she said. “She’s really underweight. She’s probably four to five weeks old but she is the weight of a three week old.”

Luna will go into foster care until she is ready to be offered for adoption through the North Taranaki SPCA, in New Plymouth.


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