Tornado Kittens Get Snuggles

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Snuggle pet rescue of St. Peters Missouri has taken in two groups of little kittens found in the aftermath of devastating tornadoes that swept through the state nearly three weeks ago.

Sharon Maag is the founder of the animal rescue group, SNUGGLE, Special Needs Under Gentle Guided Love Everyday, which has rescued baby and special needs animals from many different circumstances, including disasters and dramatic emergency conditions, with rescue trips ranging from New Orleans to Baghdad.

“I’ve done tornadoes, fires, hurricanes”

Most recently, she has taken in two groups of kittens, numbering a half dozen, from the tornado zones in Berkeley and Bridgeton Missouri. Two of the kittens were found in the wall of a damaged house.

Her group hand feeds and cares for kittens who have become separated from their mothers and then turns them over to other rescues when they are weaned and ready for adoption. Caring for the babies and providing for special needs animals, who have disabilities from birth defects of injury, are the rescue’s primary mission.

The following news video combines a visit to Snuggle with coverage of a free pet care clinic held at tornado ravaged Berkeley last Saturday.

Snuggle is one of several organizations that have pitched in to help in the aftermath of tornadoes and flooding in the US Midwest and South in recent weeks; and each organization, along with many individuals, has done their part to help with the big job of finding and rescuing the region’s pets who became separated from their families or injured in the spate of natural disasters.

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