Toppa the Blind Wonder Kitten

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Toppa was a skinny, flea ridden little barn kitten born without eyes, who now has a good home and is adored.

Toppa’s adopter calls him a wonder kitten, for his utter wonderfulness, the way his sightlessness does not hold him back, and for the love he inspires. His adopter says:

“Just adopted Toppa, (Avatar TLA fans: think Toph+Appa…), an 8 week old little barn cat. He was skinny and full of lice & fleas a few weeks ago.

“Toppa was born that way, [without eyes]. I’ve seen blind cats before him, but not eyeless ones.
Something interesting: Toppa closes his eyelids tightly when sleeping, and when playing excitedly, they are wide open. Must be a natural reflex not dependent on actually seeing I guess…?

“He’s brought so much love & joy to my home! Toppa, the eyeless wonder!

“These pics show him meeting our other kitty, Boo, for the first time, being cute etc….. This sweet little boy is the snuggliest kitty I’ve ever had!

“I promise to give him the best life I possibly can. He has brought so much joy into my life.  So much love!”






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