Tony, Abused Kitty, Flourishes in Foster Care

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Friends of Chicago Animal Care and Control pulled Tony from the pound to help him recover both physically and emotionaly from a difficult life on the street.

This is what Tony looked like when he was found at the Chicago ACC facility, where he has been brought in as a stray. “Toes” as he was first called, was rescued from Chicago ACC on Saturday May26, and was immediately taken to the vet for care.

The sweet boy is thought by the ACC vet to have suffered at the hands of a human who tore his toes out with pliers and docked his tail. The second vet he saw, after being taken into the care of the Friends, did not want to commit to the scenario with the pliers and said they couldn’t give answers to why Tony has the unusual feet you see here.  there is a possibility he was born with a malformation. Regardless, his paw pads were raw and sore when he was found, he had trouble putting his weight on his front feet, and he even held up one paw because of the pain.

He also had a neck wound that needed to be stitched up.  The Friends who saved him decided that “Toes” would get a new name as he began to feel better and his personality began to show through. They named him Tony.

After seeing the vet, Tony was able to begin the process of healing from in the safety of a wonderful foster home. Tony’s foster caregiver is a vet tech  who fosters for the Friends organization, and who is well equipped to take on special cases like Tony’s.

Tony was placed on antibiotics  while dealing with the neck wound, a temperature of 104 and an upper respiratory infection. He is healing well now. His fever is down, the URI is clearing up, and his raw and painfully sore paw pads are healing.

A week after his rescue, Tony was  said to be doing fabulously in his foster home. He is becoming more acclimated with his foster brother every day, and he loves to spend his days relaxing and exploring.

Foster coordinator Katherine Budrean very kindly spoke with us about Tony and said he will be made available for adoption to a loving home.

The Friends of Chicago Animal Care and Control rescued Tony, saw to his medical needs, and are doing their best to heal his psyche and spirit. They say, “Despite all he has been through, we are so happy he has started to flourish.” The Friends also have a Facebook page, where they may post further updates on Tony.


Beginning to look like a contented house cat.

Friends of Chicago Animal Care and Control material used with permission.

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