Tommy Gets Help: Burned and Wounded Cat is Rescued from Car Engine

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We see a lot of stories of cats and kittens rescued from car engines unscathed, or nearly so, after going along for rides in the engine compartment. Tommy was rescued from a car engine in Manchester, NH last weekend, but he was not as lucky as some.

Tommy was badly hurt and is now recovering from a 90 minute surgery that left him with more than 100 stitches.

A woman turned off her car after the 3 mile drive to Wal-Mart on Saturday, May 17 and heard an animal screaming.  When she opened the hood she saw the trapped cat.The woman, along with several bystanders, tried to get the cat out of the car but couldn’t, and called in the fire department.

Three Manchester firefighters freed the cat from his tight spot, wedged between a strut and the hot metal of the engine, after about 20 minutes.   Tommy, as he has been named by shelter volunteers, was treated for third-degree burns at the Veterinary Emergency Clinic of Manchester. He is in the care of the Manchester Animal Shelter, a no-kill shelter that has taken responsibility for his medical bills.

“So many people worked to save this cat – Manchester fire fighters, good Samaritans – it’s only right that we provide him with the very best veterinary care we can,” said Dr. Kevin Pascoe with the Veterinary Emergency Clinic of Manchester. “He’ll need several weeks of recovery, but in time, Tommy will be a healthy cat, not to mention a lucky one.”

The Manchester Animal Shelter wrote at Facebook the day after Tommy was rescued, saying: “It’s a miracle he is still alive! He was wounded and burned.”

Tommy is estimated to be between 3 and 4 years old, and is declawed and neutered, so was once someone’s cat. Tommy’s story has gotten local news coverage but an owner has not come forward to claim him.

The Manchester Animal Shelter is accepting donations toward Tommy’s care and recovery through their Tonka Fund.




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  1. Poor Tommy. He must have been in agony. Love to him. Hope he feels better and gets a fabulous home.

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