Tobias Tuxington for Mayor!

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Winnipeg, Manitoba mayoral candidate Tobias Tuxington



“Because neglect doesn’t work anywhere”

 – Tobias Tuxington’s campaign slogan

The latest (and most adorable!) entry into the Winnipeg Mayoral Race in Manitoba, Canada is campaigning for community cats throughout the city. Meet Tobias Tuxington!

Tobias’ campaign managers write at his website: “Tobias has entered the race because he is concerned about a great many things in Winnipeg, not least of which is the plight of Winnipeg’s community cats.  He has taken a Pledge of Compassion and Action, and challenges every candidate in the upcoming election to take it as well.”

“Tobias believes that neglect is the greatest problem facing this city, and his slogan “because neglect doesn’t work anywhere” applies to all his areas of concern.  Certainly, the hardships faced by community cats are at the top of the list, but neglect has caused problems in many other areas.  Winnipeg’s water woes are due to neglect.  Our rapidly rotting roadways are suffering from neglect.  In every context where Tobias has shown concern, neglect is the root cause.  Neglect truly doesn’t work anywhere.”

Tobias’ main issue is getting official support for TNR and community cat management. His campaign is featured in the Shaw TV video report below.

You can keep up with Tobias and the campaign at the Tobias Tuxington for Mayor of Winnipeg Facebook page and at Tobias Tuxington at Twitter and at the Tobias Tuxington for Mayor website.

Tobias is affiliated with the local organization Craig Street Cats.  Craig Street Cats was started to care for community cats, but has expanded their mission to include fostering, adoption services, education and community outreach. Craig Street Cats is the largest cat welfare organization in Winnipeg. You can visit Craig Street Cats on Facebook to see some of the work they do for the cats.


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