Tito and the tearful reunion

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Tito went missing in July 2011 from Lower Sackville, NS, Canada after pushing open a screen door and getting out. Petmom  Laura LaChance made every effort to find him, putting up posters, and offering a reward. She also posted at the Lost and Found Cats in HRM and Nova Scotia Facebook group, founded by Tracy Galush. The group, in operation since 2010, has been successful at making lost and found matches, picking up lost and stray cats, and getting adoptive homes for homeless cats.

Tito was spotted on the grounds of the Quality Inn hotel near the airport in Halifax by a hotel employee in December. Tracy Galush and members of the group 4 Paws on the Ground went out to search for the cat, whose identity was thenunknown. The cat was successfully trapped on December 14 and, as a presumably abandoned pet, was going to be sent to a rescue. When Tracy posted the cat’s photo to Facebook, however, Laura stepped forward to say that he was her own missing Tito.

As noted in the video below, during a phone call between Tracy and Laura, Laura called Tito’s name through the phone and the cat responded to the familiar voice calling his name. The cat found near the Halifax airport was indeed Tito, who had been missing for five long months. The reunion that followed,  between the missing cat and the woman who loves him, was captured on video.

The video is a bit dark but the emotion brought out by the moment shines through.

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  1. Wish I could have seen him when he heard his mom’s voice over the phone! How wonderful!. Thanks, everyone.

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