Tiny Violet Kitten Gets Lifesaving Heart Surgery

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Violet’s little heart is about the size of a grape; her surgery set a record due to her size. She is expected to recover and go on to a good new life.

A tiny stray kitten is recovering at The Blue Cross Victoria animal hospital in London after undergoing major chest surgery. At only six weeks old and weighing just 400g, Violet the kitten is the smallest ever animal to undergo this type of operation.

Violet was brought to the hospital after being found abandoned in a shoebox with another kitten, who had sadly already died. She was cold, hungry and underweight and vets were initially concerned about a deformity in one of her front legs.

However, vets soon discovered a serious heart condition which meant little Violet was having trouble breathing and swallowing food. They decided to undertake life-saving surgery as soon as possible to give the tiny kitten a chance of survival.

Jess Gower, the veterinary surgeon who carried out Violet’s operation, said: “We have never performed this operation on such a tiny kitten before, but it was important to act quickly or she may not have made it. The surgery was quite tricky as Violet’s heart was only about the size of a grape, but it all went well and we’re really pleased that she is making such a great recovery. She’s a little fighter and will now grow into a happy and healthy cat.”

Violet is recovering well and has started to put on weight since her operation, as she can now enjoy tucking into her food. She will soon be ready to start her search for a new home.

The Blue Cross charity veterinary hospital in Victoria, London carried out over 70,000 consultations and 10,000 operations last year, funded entirely by public donations.

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