Tiny Kitten and the Balloon

Tiny kitty

When a cat owner posted a photo of his dad’s solution for not losing the family’s teeny tiny newest member in the house, it got more that 800,000 views and many comments.  While some were about the home furnishings that appeared in the image, others were amused, and still others not so much so.

The PDSA, the UK’s top veterinary charity, voiced concerns about the kitten being injured should It maneuver into a position where it can’t readily get free or, worse yet, suffer from strangulation with the string wrapped around its neck.  There could potentially be another issue were the balloon to pop and frighten the kitten.  The owners may be able to find their little friend readily, but the kitten may not be able to do explore or hide, as they often want to do, as the balloon could make it restrictive.  Should the kitten get bound up and no one around to help, it may not be able to reach some of its necessities like food or water bowl, not to mention, the litter box.

Tiny kitty 2

The recommendation from the PDSA to all owners is to make sure pets have a safety release collar and, should you need to know where they are, perhaps a bell that will indicate where the pet is in the home.  As to those commenting, pro or con, for the most part everyone found the” baby kitten,” per LooksItsKeith, adorable, Timberlin was happy to observe, “Baby kittens are so much more adorable than adult kittens.”   Good point.

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