Tiger Is Found Two Weeks After Accident And 600 Miles From Home

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Tiger was traveling with his family when an accident destroyed the trailer he was riding in. His pet taxi was found crushed and broken afterward, and Tiger was missing. Two weeks later the family got a call saying their cat had been found, far from home, but safe.

Tiger’s family was driving through KY on their way back home to WI on July 26, when their car and pull along trailer ended up crashing into a concrete barrier after losing control from a vacuum effect when sandwiched between two tractor trailers on the highway. The family’s trailer was destroyed along with Tiger’s carrier and, as noted above, Tiger was nowhere to be found afterward. The family stayed for three days looking for him, but finally had to go home.

“He means the world to me. He’s my favorite cat, he’s also my first cat,” said 8-year-old Maranda Alexander, one of three children in the family of Faye Alexander and Randy Schumacher.

Faye described how it felt to give up the search for Tiger and go from Berea KY back home to Green Bay WI. “It’s like leaving your child behind. It was awful.”

The awful feelings of guilt and loss evaporated, though, when the family received a call from a KY humane society on August 9, telling them that Tiger had been found. Transport is being arranged to return the cat home to his family.

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  1. CAT : ‘ Crap – 2 years planning the breakout, $9000 burned, 600 miles covered and I’m only free for 2 motherf*%&ing weeks? WTF do I have to do to get outta here?’

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