Tidbit: From Kitten In Distress to Longtime Companion

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Our Cat of the Week, seventeen year old Tidbit, was discovered in dire circumstances when just a kitten, and has lived his happily ever after for many years with the wonderful woman who saved his life.

Tidbit lives with his mom Linda, two other cats, a dog and a boy in London, Ontario, Canada.

In 1994 Linda was working doing cleaning and maintenance at a highrise building in Hamilton, ON. When she went to check a unit that the tenants has skipped out on she found a little kitten in extreme distress and saved him. They remain together today.

Tidbit tells his story:

I am Tidbit, I am 17 years old. My mum found me in 1994, in an empty apartment that she’d gone into to clean. I was hanging from a curtain rod and my toes were barely touching the floor, I was straining to stay upright so I wouldn’t choke to death. I’d been hanging there for days. I made my claws go into the screen so I wouldn’t die from hanging. My paws were so sore.
I was so scared and hurting. I was 4 months old.
Mum took me home and I ran away into the back bedroom closet to hide. I was scared of everything. She made a bed beside me and talked to me, fed me from her hand, all kinds of tasty food! We slept like that for months.
I finally believed I could come out and see what my new world was like. I LIKED it!
I stay close to mummy, but I will let other people pet me, I love being petted!
These days, I sleep a lot, eat a lot and get loved a LOT! We have this human kid that lives here, but I tolerate him, he maked mummy happy, so that’s ok by me.

His mom Linda says:

I was working cleaning/maintainence in a highrise in Hamilton, ON, I went to check a unit that the tenants had skipped out…there he was, hanging by the neck from a curtain rod, his little paws barely touching the floor….I cut him down and took him home…he resided in the back of the closet for about 2 months, the only way I could feed him was little tidbits..hence the name…by hand…he finally came out and joined me…ever since then, I’m his only person, he will acknowledge prople but our bond is ultimate…he KNOWS me…..and I know him….he’s 17 now and going strong, and very, very loving….and funny!!!!

Fortunately, that terrible experience was just a brief episode in a long life with a loving pet parent for Tidbit. While some effects have lingered across the years he is lucky in that he was found by a loving, compassionate and dedicated woman who has given him a good home and a good life.

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  1. Tidbit … You are so special and I know how much your Mama loves you! Love and purrs from Maree, Willikins and Spookykins xoxo

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