Three Tiny Tabbies Will Steal Your Heart

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All photos courtesy of Three Tiny Tabbies. Check our their blog and visit them on Facebook.

This lovely story was shared with us by Kelsey. We hope you find it as heartening as we did.

On January 30, the local shelter called and asked if I could take in a pregnant cat. I agreed and immediately went there to get her. My heart melted when I saw a frightened tortoiseshell cat in the cage, scared stiff and huddled in the back. As I gently placed her in the carrier, I promised her that I would give her a quiet, safe place to have her babies.

The vet was able to give her a check-over that day, and he told me she probably wasn’t due to have the kittens for a little while, at least a week. But the mama-to-be had apparently heard what I’d whispered to her earlier, and she decided she didn’t need to wait any longer to have her babies. The very next day, mama kitty – now named Mimosa – gave birth to five adorable kittens – three black and two tiny torties.


The kittens are now almost three weeks old, and mama kitty is grateful that she and her babies are safe. Dubbed Pepsi, Fizz, Spritz, Bubbles, and Sparkle, her kittens are ready to take on the internet. I find it amazing that they were born less than 24 hours after bringing them home, even though she wasn’t due for another week. She was waiting for a safe place for them to be born, and once she found it, she knew there was no need to wait any longer.


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