Three Siblings’ Journey of Love and Loss

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Big Guy ARK story
Big Guy

When Mary (name changed) was diagnosed with a brain tumor that would eventually kill her, she did not know what could be done with her three precious little kitties.

Not one member of Mary’s family could take in her babies who had been with her for over 8 years! They were her children, her best friends, and yet not a neighbor, not a sibling, not a parent, not a friend would comfort her in her last days by saying, “I’ll gladly do this for you and for them and I’ll cherish them as long as they live because they were a part of you-and I cherish you.” Not even one person!

In her desperation, Mary reached out to rescue groups across central Florida hoping to find someone to give her kitties a home. Unfortunately, no one could take them in! Finally, she found ARK-Animal Rescue Konsortium, Inc-an animal rescue group in Deland, Florida.

The answer was an immediate “yes” when she contacted the staff at ARK. Bundling her kitties up in their carriers with food , blankets and toys, they struck out across the St. Johns River to Judy Zeigler’s home in Deltona, Florida. Judy is ARK’s “cat lady,” beloved by people but especially by felines.

The three furry kids and their mom said their good-byes. Tears flowed, soft kisses were exchanged and then Mary was gone.


Big Guy, Lucky Stripes and Jasmine began their new life with Judy. They had their own room and access to the outdoors. They had all the comforts of their old home but one: Their mom. Big Guy and Lucky seemed to take their loss in stride, as if they knew their beloved mom couldn’t keep them but would always love them.

Jasmine did not take things as well. She was not able to find comfort with her new family, even though she had her brothers with her. She would stay to herself, not sulking, just slowly sinking into depression. Nothing could cajole Jasmine from her loss.

She would stretch out in the grass, basking in the sunshine for hours choosing to be alone. Her heartache screamed silently across the yard until one day there was no longer a reason to cry out in anguish.

Jasmine slipped peacefully away and to the Rainbow Bridge, waiting patiently for Mary, her loyal and affectionate mother.

Remaining behind are Lucky Stripes and Big Guy. Lucky Stripes is a perfect gentleman who follows his foster around and when she sits down, will possess her lap instantly.

Big Guy is a kitchen man, literally. He loves watching his foster mom cook and he even gets to taste test what’s in the pot. At night, he’ll sleep on her pillow and purr her to sleep.

Lucky Stripes ARK story
Lucky Stripes

Mary calls periodically to check on her babies. Having been told that Jasmine is waiting for her at the bridge, she finds comfort and peace.

Lucky Stripes and Big Guy still need a forever home. Mary’s love will sustain them as they continue their journey through life. ARK’s volunteer, Judy, is thankful she is a part of this transition, however sad, and prays that a joyous end is in sight for Mary’s two remaining furry kids.


ARK-Animal Rescue Konsortium, Inc-is a non-profit rescue group that began in 2007. They are located in Deland, Florida but serve the needs of an ever expanding community of people who are losing their homes or jobs and can no longer care for their beloved pets. ARK has a foster program, no shelter and a hospice program for animals needing love until their days have ended.

If interested in Big Guy and Lucky Stripes or in volunteering, please contact ARK’s President, Maggi Hall, at [email protected]

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  1. Trying not to cry now. It’s not working. This lady’s love for her cats is an example to us all. God bless her and her furbabies. And keep sweet Jasmine safe till they’re all together again.

  2. Jem C, you are not the only one crying. I wish this lady and her kitties peace and comfort. May they all be reunited at the ‘Bridge in due time…

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