Three-Legged Cat’s Final Challenge: A Forever Home

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Elvis3 (2)Elvis, a beautiful Russian Blue mix, has had some huge challenges to overcome in his young life. At a little over a year old, he was hit by a car in Collingswood, NJ, where he was then left for dead by the driver.

Luckily, a kind-hearted passerby spotted the wounded cat and drove him to the Camden County Animal Shelter, where he underwent an emergency surgery to save his life. Unfortunately, though, the accident shattered his left hind leg, forcing doctors to amputate it at the hip.

Shelter personnel gave Elvis plenty of space and time to recover and it wasn’t long before he was adopted into the home of a loving family that cherished and spoiled him.

Elvis’s happiness was sadly short lived, though, because the family’s landlord told them they had to get rid of him. The family stubbornly begged and pleaded with their landlord, making it clear that they had no desire to part with Elvis. The landlord would not budge, though, and even had the nerve to suggest they just dump Elvis outside and leave him to fend for himself!

With a heavy heart, Elvis’s owner posted an ad on Craig’s List, offering him for free to a good home. Fortunately, volunteers from Furrever Friends, a no-kill cat rescue in Woodbury, NJ, were alerted to the post and contacted Elvis’s family, offering to take him in, and educating the family on the risks and dangers to animals when they are given away without any information on potential owners.

Elvis’s former owner described Elvis,

“Elvis is a very…loving creature who wants to be loved and deserves it, believe me. He loves to chase the laser light or…other toys…Elvis may be three-legged but it doesn’t stop him from being active, and you would think he doesn’t even realize he’s missing his leg.”

Elvis is settling into his foster home, where he is making friends with the other cats and charming his foster mother, Dana Kuech, a Furrever Friends volunteer. Kuech also shared about Elvis,Elvis1 (2)

“He is a very big and handsome boy who doesn’t realize that he is missing a limb. He walks, jumps on the bed, crawls under a chair and loves attention. This morning he came right up to me and wanted to eat.”

Although he is adjusting to life as a foster kitty, Elvis longs for a home and family that he can call his own forever, maybe even before he turns three on May 24th.  His former owner knows he will fit in wherever he goes.

“He loves to sleep on your lap or even in your bed at your feet. He is super friendly with both other cats and dogs, and also with children.”

To learn more about Elvis, to apply to adopt him or other cats in Furrever Friends’ care, to become a volunteer or to make a donation, please visit the rescue’s website at, call 856-845-8554, or send an email to [email protected] . Donations can be mailed to FFRV, PO Box 141, Woodbury, NJ 08096 .


Furrever Friends Rescue and Volunteers, Inc is an all-volunteer no-kill feline rescue organization in New Jersey, striving to save the lives of homeless cats by: providing safe, loving care in private homes until a furrever family can be found; spaying/neutering and vaccinating pets prior to adoption to control over population; carefully screening adopters; funding emergency medical care to injured or abused animals through “Geronimo’s Fund”; and showcasing homeless animals at various venues to help them find a home, including at their PetSmart Adoption Center in Deptford, NJ.

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  1. OMG that was my cat! my dad named him Elvis and we had to get rid of him, i miss that cat, its been about 3 years since i seen him

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