Three Cat Brothers Survive Bitter Cold by Sticking Together

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(Felines and Canines/Facebook)

Three frostbitten, hungry cat bothers survived the bitter cold by huddling together. They were saved by their love for each other and a passerby who took pity on them.

Thanks to Felines and Canines of Chicago, they are warm and cozy and recovering from frostbite, although one lost an ear. Their troubles started when their owner moved away and left them in an alley with no shelter or food, according to Felines and Canines of Chicago.

“We have a very special update on Elmo, Frosty and Icy, our three brothers who were abandoned in an alley by their person when he moved away. The fact that these brothers stuck together in the bitter cold and didn’t leave each others sides, despite being terrified and starving, is a testament to how bonded they are.”

(Felines and Canines)

All three suffered from frostbite. “Elmo’s ear fell off yesterday and they have patches of hair loss where the cold got them most – but it’s all progress towards their body’s healing.”

“The three are just the most loving, kind-hearted cats who deserve a chance at a long, happy life together. One of our amazing supporters happens to agree with this and has sponsored the trio’s adoption fee!”

If you live in Chicago, and are interested, these three litter mates could be the perfect addition to your family.

“If you or anyone you know would be interested in opening your home and heart to three amazing brothers, please email [email protected] or stop in 7 days a week between 12:30-6 at 6379 N Paulina St. in Chicago.”

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  1. I live in Canada but I wish I was
    Closer I would take all 3 cats ?… I hope they won’t be split up …..

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