This New Smart Feeder Allows You to Check In On Your Cat With Your Phone

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You’re out at work all day, and your cat’s alone at home. Or you go away for the weekend and leave your cat plenty of food and water. He’ll be okay, right? Now there’s a way to know for sure.

The Catspad is a new smart feeder which can actually connect to your smartphone to provide you with updates on your cat. The feeder can supply your cat with both food and water, and can actually monitor how much of each he eats. You’ll receive updates on your phone, and if your cat runs out of food, you can activate the feeder to release more food with the touch of a button. You don’t even have to be home.

The Catspad offers another advantage, too – if you have multiple cats, you can track how much each cat is eating and drinking. The feeder reads an RFID chip in a special collar, which allows it to identify which cat is eating at what time. Simply have your cats each wear a different collar and you can tell if one cat is eating more or less than the other. This could be a potential advantage when monitoring a cat’s diet, or when making sure that one cat is recovering well from a medical issue.

The Catspad is currently on Indiegogo for a presale price. This feeder could improve the way that you care for your cats even when you’re not at home, and it could give you peace of mind that your cats are doing fine while you’re away.

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