This Kitten Discovers That Kitten In The Mirror

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We love watching kitty’s thought processes as he investigates that mysterious other kitten, even looking behind the mirror for him.

0 thoughts on “This Kitten Discovers That Kitten In The Mirror”

  1. Funny…..he seems to get frustrated that he can’t get that other kitty out from behind the mirror! lol

  2. When I first moved into my currant apartment (which has mirrored closet doors), my kitty Angel growled and hissed at her reflection for several days. I guess she finally decided that cat in the mirror wasn’t going to take her noms or spot on the bed…

  3. This is like a milestone for pet parents. When human babies roll over for the first time it’s a big deal, when your kitten sees his reflection in the mirror for the first time, it’s a big deal. 🙂

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